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Our School & Education

The orphanage still falls under the Regent of Gianyar and the Regent’s wife, Ibu Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati is the current Chairwoman. Bapak Dewa Berata and his wife have been in charge of the orphanage from 1986 to June 2006. Drs I Nyoman Sukantha has now recently taken responsibility of the orphanage.

In Bali, there are about 16 special schools for disabled children located throughout the island. Funding for the schools isprovided by the Government’s social department. Kesayan Ikang Papa orphanage also received additional funds from Yayasan Darmais (a foundation). All other funds are donations from the parents of day students and also through private donors. Each year, the Head of the Orphanage is required to prepare a budget which is submitted to the government for approval.

The curriculum at the orphanage follows Indonesia’s established learning program for children with special needs which is set up through the National Education Department and includes TKLB (kindergarden for disabled children), SDLBN (primary school for disabled children), SMPLB (junior high school for disabled children), SMALB (senior high school for disabled children) and vocational schools for disabled children.

The subjects taught at school include:

•    Religion
•    PKN
•    Indonesian Language
•    Mathematics
•    Science
•    Social Sciences
•    Art
•    Sports
•    Balinese Language
•    Special programs

There are 18 teachers at the school – most of the teachers are graduates of select schools for specializing in the training of teaching methods specifically for disabled children. The teaching methods are based on a standard core competency based curriculum. The government implements a follow-up program with each school and teachers are additionally trained in skills development.