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Amandari is a thirty villa luxury resort located on the Ayung Gorge, outside of Ubud. It was built in 1989 by Australian architect, Peter Muller and was created to resemble a Balinese village. It set the standard for Balinese style and luxury and has been replicated around the world. The resort is part of Kedewatan village and allows guests to experience daily life in Bali as villagers, farmers, guests, children all move through the resort. www.amanresorts.com

Amandari has always been dedicated to its community and environment. Although the resort supports many projects, it is particularly committed to the orphanage of Kesayan Ikang Papa and provides annual support for maintenance as well as actually spending time with the children. Amandari works with the Orphanage but is not responsible for the administration or management of the Kesayan Ikang Papa Orphanage. The website was set up with assistance from Amandari. The resort will continue to fund projects it deems appropriate and relevant to the disabled children of the orphanage.